Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 Days.

Tomorrow is July 1st.  It's also a Monday.  That seems like the perfect sign to start a new challenge and hopefully get some motivation back because let's face it...I've lost all motivation to eat right and exercise.

I follow a lot of weight loss/ healthy eating/ healthy lifestyle people on Facebook, Instagram and in the blogging community but I don't follow any of their advice.  I saw two of the blogs I follow are starting Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred so I thought it was the perfect thing to hopefully jump start my motivation.

Summer is flying by and I'm so tired of covering up in jeans and t-shirts.  Even though I'm not at my highest weight ever I am at my highest percentage of fat.  I haven't worked out regularly in over a year and it shows.

I'm also still on the hunt for a great running shoe...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

week three and shoe frustration

I completed W3D1 this morning!  Those three minute runs are brutal.  I had to slow my pace during the last three minute run but I was still jogging and I didn't have to completely stop.  That's progress for me this time around.  I am still "training" on the treadmill (aka the dreadmill) because it was a balmy 7°F this morning here in Detroit.  I know there are people out there that will brave the cold, and I someday hope to be one of those people but I can barely breathe inside!  Add frigid air and I think my lungs would go on strike.

In an effort to keep myself from watching the timer during the running intervals I watch TV on my laptop which I set up in front of my treadmill.  It works pretty well at keeping me from checking the timer on the c25k app.  Today I caught up on The Carrie Diaries and since I had some time left on the show after I completed the 30 minute workout I decided to do some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to really boost up my heart rate and calorie burn :).  I cranked the treadmill up to 9 mph and starting running as fast as my legs would take me.  That lasted about 20 seconds I decided that was way to fast.  I jumped off to the sides of the treadmill and brought it down to 6.5 mph.  I ran for a minute and then jumped off to the sides for a minute.  I only did three of these intervals but I felt pretty good when I was done.  I might try an entire workout of HIIT tomorrow.


On to my shoe frustration.  I can't find a pair of running shoes I like.  I've been cheap and I've been trying different shoes from Kohls.  I've tried all Nike brand shoes and thought I had found a winner in the Nike Flex Experience shoes.  I had read they resembled the Nike Frees and I liked the reviews on those.  After taking them for two test "runs" on the treadmill I knew they weren't for me.  They are comfortable shoes and would probably be great for wearing everyday or for walking longer distances.  They are really lightweight and unfortunately don't have a lot of arch support.  I have higher arches and need a more stable shoe.  Thankfully, Kohls has an awesome return policy and to be fair I never wore these shoes outside so they still looked brand new.

This is the third pair I've bought and returned so I've decided I just need to go back to my local running store and spend a little extra cash on a good pair of shoes.  I was fitted for running shoes almost three years ago when I first decided I was going to start running.  I really didn't like the guy that helped me pick out shoes and that is really what has kept me from going back.  He talked me into a pair of New Balance shoes after I told him I had worn New Balance before and hated them (I feel they come up higher on the back of the heel and it irritates my skin).  He said I shouldn't write off a brand because of one pair of bad shoes, and he was right.  I've actually been wearing those old New Balances since I took the Nike Flex shoes back.

The completely vain part of me didn't like that he kind of scoffed at me when I rejected a pair of shoes he suggested on looks alone.   I might be crazy, and those shoes might have been the best thing for my feet, but I am a little vain and I knew I wouldn't be happy spending $100+ on "ugly" shoes.  I was already self conscious about the fact that I had to buy a size 11 shoe, they had to be somewhat cute.  I don't really like buying size 10 shoes, let alone size 11!  Luckily, I'm 5'7'' so my feet generally don't look as big as they sound!

{old vs. new}

The New Balances that I'm currently wearing have definitely seen better days and I know that I need to invest in a new pair.  I am going to have to suck it up and go to the running store and spend the money.  Hopefully I get a friendlier, more understanding sales associate!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend fail.

Why are weekends such a road block in my journey to better health?  During the week I can pretty easily stick to healthy eating and a workout routine.  The weekend comes and I completely fall off track.

On Thursday I drove about three hours south to Columbus, to visit my sister and see a concert.  The weekend was spent socializing with her friends, which means eating out and alcohol.  And no workouts.  She's starting her own journey towards a healthier lifestyle but has been recovering from a pretty bad sinus infection and I let her break from working out become my break.

I did complete W1D3 of the couch to 5k on Thursday before I left but it was not a great workout.  I really struggled.  I barely finished, and after I did really well on day 2!  I ran it on my home treadmill, which isn't as nice as the treadmill I run on at the gym but shouldn't have affected my runs that much.  I'm beginning to think   running is more mental than anything.

It's now Sunday evening and I'm feeling my horrible eating and lack of exercise this weekend.

I feel gross.  I feel bloated.  I feel lazy.  I don't like this feeling.

At the end of the day on Thursday I felt great, thinner even.  It's amazing what just a week of clean eating and exercise can do.  It's even more amazing what three days of putting crap into your body will do...

Tomorrow is Monday and I'll be wiping the slate clean, again.  I can't dwell on this past weekend and let it affect my thinking moving forward.  I'm going to go ahead and attempt W2D1 tomorrow, even though week one didn't go so well.

No looking back, only looking forward.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

W1D2 = done!

I live in Michigan where we woke up to a blistering zero degrees Fahrenheit.  That's cold.  I'll admit I'm a wuss when it comes to the extreme cold and extreme heat.  So until it gets above the freezing mark (and maybe then some) I'll be "training" on a treadmill.

So, to try and mimic outdoor wind resistance and natural terrain I thought I better walk/run at an incline.  I set that sucker to 1.5 (baby steps) and started the timer on my C25K app.  I do my 5 minute warm up at 4 miles per hour and I run between 5.2 - 5.4 miles per hour.  That's probably more jogging than running but it's enough for me to struggle through.  

I am happy to report that W1D2 went so much better than day one. I didn't have to hold on to the sides of the treadmill for dear life and I didn't have to pause the treadmill to catch my breath, I was able to catch it during the walks.  

I'm not going to judge whether or not I'll advance next week until after my third walk/run this Thursday.  


I bought a heart rate monitor so I could make sure I was pushing myself hard enough.  No, scratch that, I bought it so I could more accurately track the calories I burned! But, after two days of messing with it I've decided to return it to the store.  It just won't find my heart rate.  At all.  It keeps flashing 00 and telling me to check the transmitter.  I've tried every troubleshooting tip I could find and even bought new batteries.  Nothing.  I'm going to exchange it for the same model and hope I just got a bad one.  It's pretty frustrating, considering they aren't cheap.  If the second one doesn't work I might give up on them altogether and keep saving for this bad boy.

I'm off to pack my lunch for work so I won't be tempted to each out spending unnecessary money and calories :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Long Road Ahead...

I spent most of my twenties pretending to work out and live a healthy lifestyle. I joined (and quit) three different gyms.  I spent hundreds of dollars on fitness books, workout DVDs and healthy living books and cookbooks.  I had a long list of healthy living blogs that I would spend hours reading.  I loved reading the stories of women training for and completing races, I drooled over the delicious and healthy recipes they would whip up.  They looked so happy and healthy. I dreamed of the time I would finally feel that way.  I knew I'd never get there by just reading about it but I never did anything about it.

I just recently turned 31.  Thirty one.  I don't know how that happened but it's here.  I'm  officially in my thirties.  When I was in  my twenties I always envisioned my thirties a little differently than how they're starting but I'm learning to take it one day at a time.  I try to be comfortable in my own skin.  I'll get compliments and I just don't believe them.  I've heard "you look great, you don't need to lose weight" from several friends and yes, on the outside I don't look all that unhealthy.  I am able to squeeze myself into an average size but I'm not comfortable.  I see pictures of myself and I cringe at the fat around my elbows or my double chin.  I rarely wear shorts in the summer because I hate the way my legs look.  It's not just about how I look.  With a family history of high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and obesity I definitely need to take the reins on my health and lose the weight.

This morning I completed day 1 of the Couch to 5k program and it was rough.  By rough I mean I had to stop twice to catch my breath and got extremely nauseous about halfway through.  I was not expecting it to be so difficult considering I had started this program once before about three years ago and jumped right in, even skipping the first week.  But, like a lot of things I start, I quit before I could get to that 20 minute run.  I'm about 12 hours post run/walk and other than sore thighs I feel great.  I'm actually looking forward to W1D2 on Tuesday!  You would think that great post-workout feeling would be enough to keep me going!

I'm also logging what I eat on My Fitness Pal. I know when I log what I eat, I make better choices.

It's not going to be an easy road.  There will be set backs.  I'm going to miss a workout or grab fast food after work some days.  I'm human.  I just need to keep reminding myself that I have goals.  Goals I cannot achieve by putting junk in my body and not moving.

For someone that can't even run a single mile without walking it might seem strange to have such big goals but it's nice to dream big :)

I want to cross the finish line in both Nashville and Las Vegas

have big dreams-you will grow into them